back to work

This morning Raimon picked us up from Ayman’s house in Ehmesh and drove us to work. There everypne was running to fix stuff for the conference. Just not Mohammed who turned up at lunch time and then fucked off again at three, still faking heavy stomach cramps, guess I’b better not get excited about the dude. He keeps my brains occupied, though. During lunch I realized his style of working is not to work towards finishing a task but to fill the time he has to spend at work. It’s been a long time that I have been around someone like him, an unpleasant reminder of jobs past I suppose. In a way we are also in a competition for the car, not sure of that can be resolved entirely amicably.

In the evening we went to Gisella’s family in Hemlaya. They were really nice, all speak fluent Italian including the granny and they served us fresh pasta. I guess that’s the only place in the whole Middle East where a treat like this is to be had. In the end we smoked a narghile, listened to the wolves howling and then they loaded us with fresh vegetable and fruit. We’ve also got a wedding invitation for 6 August – probably 500 guests, jupieh! And I am all proud that we navigate these hinterlands without roadsigns so well.

I also had a good chat with Ayman, he was very clear today and I recognised some of my own search for rootcauses. I guess it’s the spiritualist logic at work, the wish to find that one point from which one can change the world into the promised land. I should ask him if he had a religious upbringing, his New Age interests certainly indicate a seeker personality. Well, I can work with that. To understand HGSD better I really should dig my way through the archives as well as getting back to the job description he sent me. Once that conference is over we can start working on the management stuff and then a certain routine may emerge. Throwing myself in is probably the main thing, rather than thinking about how to throw myself in. Important now is also to start some regular exercise, maybe even join Josef’s club.

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