Early start for) The longest day.

Today we had the ‘conference’ on globalization. Of course I couldnÄt understand a single word all day, what unsufferable boredom. More significantly I found out that people here have a liking for conspiracy theories and Ayman as a disliking of Jews. So cautioning him about making alliances with Hezbollah didn’t work out too well.

In the evening him and me tried to fix the solar panels and nearly ruined one. Slight improvements were made, however, at the expense of Ale’s lovingly cooked dinner getting cold. Oh well, small price to pay for some male bonding.

I get slightly annoyed with not being able to understand fuck all. That makes me try less to be involved in conversation, in fact I get pissed off at people, which creates a kind of self-reinfocing feedback-loop. Maybe some mood control combined with a little effort would work?

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