visitors calendar

if anyone is thinking of visiting us in lebanon you know you are welcome. just to say that we will be away for two long weekends in november (3-6 and 19-22). the first persons to take the plunge are bert and algis who will be here 20-29 september. so for now they take the most-adventurous-friends award (even though, strictly speaking, they really are family), unless someone can beat them and come earlier. i will be updating this post if there are any changes.

20-29 september: bert and algis are giving us the honour
20-29 october: axel rocks jounieh
03-06 november: ale and ben are cruisng the middle east
19-22 november: ale and ben cruising again
21dec – 2jan: ben in steyr (get the snowboards ready dudes i’m coming!)

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