Open Atrium installation problems

Installing the OA profile on the new server returned error: ‘500 – Internal server error’ when running installer after step "choose language"

Installing drupal itself gets past the "select language’ step without problems but returns the same 500 error once it is trying to set up the database.

I tried to replicate problem on a local installation

Automated set-up importing it via Acquia Stack works fine

Manual install on XAMP stack replicates problem, returns error:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in on line 934

This seems to be a copmmon probloem installing OA caused by the extra modules the OA profile ships with instead of the the plain ‘core modules only’ of a normal drupal install.


1. One dirty hack suggests to modify install.php

  • Open “install.php” from the root directory of your installation
  • Find the line calling “install_check_requirements” and comment it out
  • Save changes
  • Run install again

I tried this and it worked for the local install but did not solve the problem on the server. Also, it can’t be such a good thing to hack core to just to get it up and running.

2. Other advice includes: modifying php.inin, htaccess and, settings.php

I have previously modded settings.php to get around an isntall problem, so I’ll try that next.

3. Next thing I’m tryin to increase the memory limit by modifying .htaccess file

Succesfully modified .htacces by adding this line of code to the bottom of the file:

php_value max_execution_time 60

A trial install on my own domain worked instantly as soon as changed .htaccess.

Now I am attempting to replicate the solution locally with XAMP stack.

THat also worked, I think I got a fix for this now that will work on the new server as well withoutus having to get acess to php.ini

4. Another possible source of problems are the permiossions of the files directory

I tried but could nbot change the permissions of the default folder (or any other for that matter) on the server using FileZilla

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