Long term vision

So here I am again, in an effort to get on top of myself I’m restarting the writing routine, for claritiy’s sake. I am in the process of recasting my role in HGSD and mission in life as organizational developer. Sounds sexy, huh? All I need right now is a few pointers by good people on where to start looking for tools and I can get started experimenting and learning with my guniea pig NGO. I guess that is the actual chance I am given here.

Since this is my personal corner for rants and raves let me quickly offload some complaints about the fiendishness of the world. Yesterday I fucked up the car by destroying the cylinder-head-casquets. No idea what they are, the car tends to overheat, steam off the coolant and at that point I should have intervened, but it happened too fast. The other nuisance is the unsatisfactory heating situation. We spend a lot of time carrying wood around. And the pipe of the stove drips, a black stinking soup, and the stove itself smokes a lot. I guess I’m smelling like a smoked speck already myself.

Other than that 2006 is pure rock’n’roll. The first week back here I couldn’t think about anything else but the fantastic free riding in the local ski resort. I’ve calmed down a bit since. Right now I’m back in bachelor mode as well – Ale just left for Syria untill the end of the week. Which means I get to sleep on the couch, leave dirty dishes all around, read work stuff untill late and generally be merry. Here’s to freedom!

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