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For my parents: Roz and Gord Doctorow, who taught me why we fight, and not to give up. This isn’t the kind of fight we win, it’s the kind of fight we fight.

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“You see, if someone wants to control you with a computer, they have to put the computer where you are, and they are not, and so you can access that computer without supervision. A computer you can access without supervision is a computer you can change, because all these computers are the same, deep down. When you get down to the programs underneath the skin, a toaster and a dishwasher and a thermostat, they’re all the same computer in different cases. Once you can seize control over that computer, all of them are yours.” As the words

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it out for him, quicker than she had. “It’s like my schoolbooks. I can read them at school or home, but if I want to study in the park, I have to pay to unlock them.”

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and tuned his hearing to the FM band, concentrating until he dialed in NPR. Increasingly this was how he got his news: analog radio reception didn’t leave any digital trail that could be connected to him,

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Mars Bluff B-47 nuclear incident, when the USAF accidentally nuked the town of Mars Bluff in 1958.

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his armored Toyota Tacoma with its overcab cargo pod, camouflaged to look like a camping accessory, but actually as armored-up as the Tacoma’s body and windshields, with spare gas, tires, guns, ammo, food—even a chainsaw.