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Storytelling Conference Impact Evaluation

This project is part of a series of follow-up activities to the International Farmers Conference in Syria. collaborated with ICARDA to document the conference and evaluate its impact. was tasked to Develop a participatory methodology Conduct interviews with farmers in Syria Asses the impact of the conference Analyze the networks created during the conference… Continue reading Storytelling Conference Impact Evaluation

Evaluating Knowledge Sharing in the CGIAR

The CGIAR’s Knowledge Sharing project commissioned to conduct an ex-post impact assessment. The evaluation focussed on the influence high-profile centre events had on subsequent knowledge-sharing activities and policies at the centers. co-developed evaluation plan and methodology conducted interviews with KS practitioners distilled lessons learned and identified challenges developed criteria, progress markers and indicators… Continue reading Evaluating Knowledge Sharing in the CGIAR

Policy Coherence for Development Study

The Austrian North-South Institute commissioned to conduct a  study on Policy Coherence for Development (PCD) for an advocacy  campaign. contributed expertise about the European experience with institutional mechanisms for policy integration. The resulting booklet aims to raise awareness about PCD among Austrian parliamentarians. conducted interviews with parliamentarians developed strategic recommendations for institutional… Continue reading Policy Coherence for Development Study

International Farmers Conference

At the International Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) in Syria we organized an international conference for farmers from 10 different countries together with the Participatory Plant Breeding Project. The focus of the event was Knowledge Sharing through storytelling. We planned, co-organized and coordinated the event developed a methodology for co-producing and… Continue reading International Farmers Conference

I set up this consulting business as a network of freelancers in 2008. stands for Research and Evaluation for Development Network. The purpose of is to improve development practice by contributing to learning about what works and what doesn’t. offers specialized research and evaluation services for the development community. does Impact Assessment Network… Continue reading