Looking back: What we have done in 2010

Website: ·         Conducted user research and wrote web strategy for website redesign ·         Face-lifted  old front page with new design and dynamic elements ·         Developed information architecture and first paper prototype ·         Identified content management system ·         Built second prototype of clickable wireframes http://beta.icarda.org ·         Set up project site http://icarda2.benale.net ·         Hosted Human Computer Interface… Continue reading Looking back: What we have done in 2010

Ongoing research: Embedd map in front page

http://ongoing-research.cgiar.org/ Sort map by ICARDA projects, get code Shorten blog entries to 5 or so Place map below main blog stories, possibly remove the social media links on the right

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OA install + WYSIWYG editor

1. Copy default.setting.php in the same folder and rename to settings.php 2. Set permissions of default folder recursively to 777 3. Modify .htaccess by adding this line to the bottom: php_value max_execution_time 60 4. create folders for non-core modules in sites: sites/all/modules sites/all/modules/contrib sites/all/modules/custom sites/all/themes sites/all/themes/contrib sites/all/themes/custom 5. unzip WYSIWYG module to sites/all/modules/contrib 6. follow… Continue reading OA install + WYSIWYG editor