Site migration: How to

Create a new database on the server Take note of username and password Export local DB to .sql file Import .sgl file into new DB Create .zip file of everything in drupal Unzip to root folder on the server Edit setting.php like this: Look for the DB string in settings.php, it will be in colour.… Continue reading Site migration: How to

Conceptual Data Model

We sketched a conceptual data model as a preliminary step to move into implementation (according to this article, this model is conceptual). Highlighted are content classes, their relationships, and corresponding sources. In later models (logical models, including relational models) we can address data fields in detail. Entities in the diagram represent content types (sky-blue rectangles),… Continue reading Conceptual Data Model


Avatar Grid

I have made an attempt to create a block view to display a grid of avatarts pulled from our user profiles. This was done by creating a view of the type ‘User’ and using the ‘Style: Grid’ for displaying the ‘User: Picture’ field. Since the ImageCache is activated, I was hoping to be able to… Continue reading Avatar Grid


ICARDA 2.0 Wiki online

ICARDA 2.0 Wiki is now online, You can visit and contribute by clicking here!!!