visitors calendar

if anyone is thinking of visiting us in lebanon you know you are welcome. just to say that we will be away for two long weekends in november (3-6 and 19-22). the first persons to take the plunge are bert and algis who will be here 20-29 september. so for now they take the most-adventurous-friends… Continue reading visitors calendar

Palaces, rocks and ruins

We’re just back from the beach. Ale had decided to stay home today, look after the house and generally be homies. But then at half five she looked down onto the sea and saw that there are big waves. So we threw the body board in the car and raced down to Tamary beach. It… Continue reading Palaces, rocks and ruins

Cruising the strip

Ale and me had our very first trip this weekend, something we were planning to do every other week. There are so many fanstastic places to go in the region that we really have to push on if we want to cover a bit and get to know the country. So we went up to… Continue reading Cruising the strip

Death Battle Zone

Today I went to Beirut to interview a lady on WTO and other issues. Amazing conspiracy theories I heard. People here seem to be very fond of these kind of stories. Like there is some secret world government, the Israelis are all behind it, the Americans are controlling everything, etc. It is a celebration of… Continue reading Death Battle Zone

Ohne Sonne keine Wonne

Heute schon der zweite Morgen hintereinander ohne Strom. Wir sind vom Netz unabhängig und die Solaranlage hat einen Patschen, bzw im Lebanon gibt’s nicht genug Sonne. Ich muss also als erstes in den Kelller und mich im Kabelwahnsinn zurechtfinden und den Inverter wieder hochstarten. Wär hätte das gedacht, hab ich doch einige Tage und einiges… Continue reading Ohne Sonne keine Wonne