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yo mama, today we got the car, even though we still don’t have translations of the license or anything else sorted. in fact the austrian embassy was a bit of a headache today, not too helpful the lady. today i also told ayman about bloggin as a force for democracy, he listened up but wasn’t exactly swept off his feet. today was also the first time we went to beirut, we nearly had to squat a taxi to get money back from the overpriced fare, i was all ready for it but ale got unsure in the end so we jumped out. we also got sim cards via toni, the guy is really helpful, feels good to have a phone again and generally to be connected. generally, we are really profiting from the infrastructure the company provides. there is also a guy who now takes care of importing our parcel as tax free as possible, that would have been a whole lot of hassle i’m sure. in a way we are like children here, hardly able to do anything by ourselves. at the same time we also made a jump of two social classees up.

as far as the job is concerned i still have not really understood HGSD. i guess i need to read a lot more. but it also seems i have to take more initiative sorting out contract and other paperwork. ayman isn’t exactly the fastest. but i wouldn’t be surprised if in the end he succeeds leisurely with his connections while i am beating my head against the wall, or rather the closed door of bureaucrats. i have to be carefull not to get all carried away with stress and all and then i loose the ability to maintain a detached view on things. abu-sous wants to take me to one of his ladies soon, i’m curious.

ayman showed us also his flat in jounie in the evening, nice view on the see. in the early evening we were climbing all over the house to understand how the flat above looks like. it’s just the same as ours but more light and the fantastic terrase. ale reall wants it, i guess we will have to do sth about it.

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