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In internet explorer the comments box is not available, cannot put in text. The same feature works in Firefox and Chrome, independent of the WYSIWYG module being enabled.

Figure out how to set folder permissions so they are group specific.  I.e.: SAGA group members should not see the folders of other groups at all in their fildepot.  

This may not be a bug at all. Just figure out what 'locked by' actually means and learn to use filedot properly.

Some users have reported that the upload form in filedepot feature freezes their browser. This happens after they press the submit button. This then triggers a login dialogue for ISA3. Completing the form seems to authenticate the user correclty but …

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Problem:  OA is not sending notifications: both installation ( & actually (When new users are signed up they receive the welcome email with the login.) Suggested solution: set up cron   How-to including video:   Tested: Sending test email …

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