nothing gets me wound up like bureaucrats. guys and girls behind their little windows in banks, post offices, travel agencies, police stations or wherever, can send me into a kind of instant rage like nothing else i know. today i spent the better part of the day trying to sort out visas for syria. the time is short, there is no embassy here and the people got a kind of chauvinist police state kind of morality – the perfect combination for a monster red tape mess up. i don’t know who devised fiendish gadgets like being put on hold wile having ‘for elise’ played to you in a bad synthesizer verion for more than fifteen minutes. i had to hang up and nearly broke my own phone in the process. i am at war with bureaucratized modernity, better to live as naked apes in caves than dehumanize each other with alien technology, i mean just give me someone to talk to who cares a little.

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  1. SteelGreySky says:

    Greetings from a fellow Cafe Krull visitor. Hope all has turned out OK for you regarding getting your bureaucracy sorted out. Have decided to take the plunge myself and have now got a blog too!

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